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Community Partners

Umbrella Group  (Our Core Group of Organizers)  
  • Rosemary Beach, Chair (Retired, former Executive Director of the Cedar Falls Historical Society) 
  • Jan Andersen (Retired, former Cedar Falls Tourism & Visitors Bureau)
  • Mary Brammer (Cedar Falls Public Art Committee member
  • Scott Cawelti (Retired UNI Professor and Cedar Falls author)
  • Cherie Dargan (Retired Professor, Hawkeye Community College and Cedar Falls author)
  • Barbara Lounsberry (Retired UNI Professor and Cedar Falls author)
  • Kim Manning (Manager, Cedar Falls Tourism & Visitors Bureau)
  • Mary Taylor   (Director of Development, Western Home Communities)

 Festival Contributors Committee

  • Cedar Falls Arts & Culture Board-- James Kerns, President
  • Cedar Falls Arts & Culture Board-- Kate Brennan Hall, Vice President
  • Cedar Falls Cable Channel 15 --Denny Bowman
  • Cedar Falls Community Schools--Andy Patee, Superintendent
  • Cedar Falls Community Schools Curriculum-- Christine Mangrick
  • Cedar Falls Community Schools Curriculum -- Megann Tresemer
  • Cedar Falls Community Main Street-- Carol Lilly
  • Cedar Falls Community Theatre-- John Luzaich
  • Cedar Falls Historic Preservation Commission, UNI history professor-- Tom Connors
  • Cedar Falls Historic Preservation Commission-- Iris Lehmann
  • Cedar Falls Historical Society-- Karen Smith
  • Cedar Falls Municipal Band -- Dennis Downs
  • Cedar Falls Public Library-- Sheryl McGovern,
  • Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, UNI-- Steve Carignan
  • Hartman Reserve Nature Center-- Ed Gruenwald and Connie Slovada
  • Hearst Center for the Arts--Martin Arthur and Emily Drennan
  • Hearst Center “Final Thursday Reading Series,” James O’Loughlin, UNI English professor (and Cedar Falls author)
  • New Aldaya-- Millisa Tierney, Director
  • North American Review, Jeremy Schraffenberger, co-editor  UNI English professor (and Cedar Falls author)
  • Sturgis Youth Theatre, UNI-Theater--Gretta Berghammer, professor
  • UNI English Department (and Cedar Falls author)--Julie Husband, Head and (and Cedar Falls author)
  • UNI Theatre Department-- Eric Lange, Head,
  • UNI education professor, Kathy Oakland, programs at New Aldaya & the Western Home Communities
  • UNI Rod Library and Museum -- Christopher Cox, Dean and Director and Clint Wrede and Nathan Arndt

   Some of our Partners

western home
historical society
cedar falls library
CF tourism
oster regent theater

Organizations participating, with Web links

 Organization                 Website
 Cedar Falls Public Art Committee    www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?nid=1170

 Cedar Falls Community Theatre -- Oster Regent Theater        osterregent.com/
 Cedar Falls Public Library www.cedar-falls.lib.ia.us/
 Cedar Falls Community Schools  www.cfschools.org/
 Cedar Falls Historical Society     www.cfhistory.org/
 Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors  Bureau www.cedarfallstourism.org/
 Channel 15 www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?NID=855
 Community Main Street     www.communitymainstreet.org/
 Hearst Center for the Arts www.thehearst.org/
 New Aldaya   www.newaldaya.org/
 North American Review northamericanreview.org/
The Ruth Suckow Memorial Association Website www.ruthsuckow.org/
 Western Home    www.westernhomecommunities.org/
 UNI English Department     www.uni.edu/langlit/
 UNI Library & Museum scholarworks.uni.edu/cfauthors/
 UNI Performing Arts Center   www.uni.edu/chas/academics/gallagher-bluedorn-performing-arts-center-gbpac
 UNI Rod Library www.library.uni.edu/

 Last Updated Nov. 9, 2017