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Community Partners

Umbrella Group  (Our Core Group of Organizers)  
  • Rosemary Beach, Chair (Retired, former Executive Director of the Cedar Falls Historical Society) 
  • Jan Andersen (Retired, former Cedar Falls Tourism & Visitors Bureau)
  • Mary Brammer (Cedar Falls Public Art Committee member
  • Scott Cawelti (Retired UNI Professor and Cedar Falls author)
  • Cherie Dargan (Retired Professor, Hawkeye Community College and Cedar Falls author)
  • Barbara Lounsberry (Retired UNI Professor and Cedar Falls author)
  • Kim Manning (Manager, Cedar Falls Tourism & Visitors Bureau)
  • Mary Taylor   (Director of Development, Western Home Communities)

 Festival Contributors Committee

  • Cedar Falls Arts & Culture Board-- James Kerns, President
  • Cedar Falls Arts & Culture Board-- Kate Brennan Hall, Vice President
  • Cedar Falls Cable Channel 15 --Denny Bowman
  • Cedar Falls Community Schools--Andy Patee, Superintendent
  • Cedar Falls Community Schools Curriculum-- Christine Mangrick
  • Cedar Falls Community Schools Curriculum -- Megann Tresemer
  • Cedar Falls Community Main Street-- Carol Lilly
  • Cedar Falls Community Theatre-- John Luzaich
  • Cedar Falls Historic Preservation Commission, UNI history professor-- Tom Connors
  • Cedar Falls Historic Preservation Commission-- Iris Lehmann
  • Cedar Falls Historical Society-- Karen Smith
  • Cedar Falls Municipal Band -- Dennis Downs
  • Cedar Falls Public Library-- Sheryl McGovern,
  • Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, UNI-- Steve Carignan
  • Hartman Reserve Nature Center-- Ed Gruenwald and Connie Slovada
  • Hearst Center for the Arts--Martin Arthur and Emily Drennan
  • Hearst Center “Final Thursday Reading Series,” James O’Loughlin, UNI English professor (and Cedar Falls author)
  • New Aldaya-- Millisa Tierney, Director
  • North American Review, Jeremy Schraffenberger, co-editor  UNI English professor (and Cedar Falls author)
  • Sturgis Youth Theatre, UNI-Theater--Gretta Berghammer, professor
  • UNI English Department (and Cedar Falls author)--Julie Husband, Head and (and Cedar Falls author)
  • UNI Theatre Department-- Eric Lange, Head,
  • UNI education professor, Kathy Oakland, programs at New Aldaya & the Western Home Communities
  • UNI Rod Library and Museum -- Christopher Cox, Dean and Director and Clint Wrede and Nathan Arndt

Cedar Falls Authors Festival made possible by:

  • Cedar Falls Community Foundation – The Saul and Joan Diamond Community Enhancement Grant
  • Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors Bureau
  • Western Home Communities 

Some of our Partners

western home
historical society
cedar falls library
CF tourism
oster regent theater


  • Cable Channel 15
  • Cedar Falls Public Library
  • Hearst Center for the Arts
  • UNI Rod Library
  • Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors Bureau
  • The Waterloo Courier
  • Currents
  • The College Hill Partnership
  • The Seerley Park Neighborhood

Organizations participating, with Web links

 Organization                 Website
 Cedar Falls Public Art Committee    www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?nid=1170

 Cedar Falls Community Theatre -- Oster Regent Theater        osterregent.com/
 Cedar Falls Public Library www.cedar-falls.lib.ia.us/
 Cedar Falls Community Schools  www.cfschools.org/
 Cedar Falls Historical Society     www.cfhistory.org/
 Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors  Bureau www.cedarfallstourism.org/
 Channel 15 www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?NID=855
 Community Main Street     www.communitymainstreet.org/
 Hearst Center for the Arts www.thehearst.org/
 New Aldaya   www.newaldaya.org/
 North American Review northamericanreview.org/
The Ruth Suckow Memorial Association Website www.ruthsuckow.org/
 Western Home    www.westernhomecommunities.org/
 UNI English Department     www.uni.edu/langlit/
 UNI Library & Museum scholarworks.uni.edu/cfauthors/
 UNI Performing Arts Center   www.uni.edu/chas/academics/gallagher-bluedorn-performing-arts-center-gbpac
 UNI Rod Library www.library.uni.edu/

 Last Updated May 13, 2018